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E141: Choosing between a side project and your agency with Keith Perhac

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Keith Perhac is reaching the third (but probably not final) stage in his business. Originally a developer based near Nagoya, Japan, he built a million-dollar technical marketing agency that worked with some of the top digital marketers. Now, he’s taken that knowledge and built SegMetrics, one of the top analytics tools created specifically for marketers.

Episode highlights:

  • A major difference between running an agency and building software is the lifecycle of a project. Here’s why agencies have it easy in that regard.
  • Is the grass greener building software? Keith weighs in.
  • Unexpected challenges you face when changing from running an agency to building software.
  • How Keith’s team dealt with switching back and forth between being an agency and building their own software. HINT – their consultant gave some bad news.
  • What life has been like since Keith finally chose between his agency and his software.
  • Best advice received: Be conscious of what you’re doing with what you have – not overextending.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Curiosity
  • Recommended tools: Notion and Rev
  • Recommended book: Illusions by Richard Bach
  • Run time: 40:30



  • “It’s hard not only from a monetary standpoint but from a mental standpoint.”
  • “There are no residuals, there’s no percentage.”
  • “It’s so generic that the developer doesn’t remember who it’s for.”
  • “In the end, he was like, ‘Keith we can’t do it. It’s not going to work.’”
  • “If you’re gonna go for it, you kinda have to decide if you’re gonna go for it.”
  • “My safe space is code….but is that the thing that my customers want?”


  • Engage a consultant or mentor to help you divvy up work, or decide if it’s worth it.
  • Evaluate what you really want to do: is it run an agency or see a special project through?




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