When I started out, I was producing work with little strategy and low prices. Clients thought they were getting a good deal. The reality is that I was ripping them off. Without a strategy, I wasn’t doing anything for their business. Their sites were just taking up server space. I realized that if I wanted to provide better, more valuable work with a true strategy and charge higher prices, I needed more skills.

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Before $10K Bootcamp, I was doing everything wrong. I was guessing what client’s needs were, I was cutting prices, and worst of all, I had no system for effectively generating new leads. I needed help, so I enrolled in $10K Bootcamp. Once I learned how to implement the right systems, based on having clear strategies, consistency, and accountability, my business gained incredible momentum. Now my business is thriving.

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May 07, 2015| by Jennifer Buzza| Q & A Thursday|

When I left Wall Street to travel around the world, I was pursuing something very specific. I found what I was looking for in the people I met during my travels. Being exposed to so many beautiful people, who were going through so many different life experiences, showed me I was ill-prepared to be a part of the world community in a constructive way. When I returned to the U.S.

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As a mentor in the $10K Bootcamp, the #1 question I get asked is, “how can I get more leads?” Even though the answer is simple, it’s the execution that kills us as web professionals. Choosing a niche isn’t the easiest thing to do, I get it. But, the sooner you select a niche (aka market) the sooner you can templatize your offerings, sales process, etc. Your job actually gets easier with every niche you enter. What is a Niche, Exactly?

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April 16, 2015| by Jennifer Buzza| $10K'er Profiles|

My business partner and I run WebClio, a small shop that specializes in online strategy. I'm in the United States, and my partner and our full-time assistant live and work in Peru. We don’t really work with South American companies; my partner just happened to move there. More than just websites Before he and I started $10K Bootcamp we had a whole bunch of smaller clients in the US. But Bootcamp had a big impact.

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