April 15, 2014| by Brent Weaver| Interviews|

Corey Kohn COO and Partner of Dojo4 in Boulder CO discusses her transition from video editing to managing a web agency, culture, community building, and her and Dojo4’s daily practices. Corey joined Ara Howard at Dojo4 in 2010. Corey knew immediately that she wanted to be part of Dojo4 and their talented culture.

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April 08, 2014| by Brent Weaver| Interviews|

Beth Krodel Founding Partner of Insight Designs in Boulder, CO joins our program to discuss her transition from a reporter for the Detroit Free Press to a thriving business. Beth co-founded Insight Designs in 1999 during her leave of absence from her role at the paper. Beth quickly realized this was something she wanted to do and took it on full time and has never looked back.

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Brad Weber is founder and President of InspiringApps in Boulder, CO. He and I sit down to discuss his transition from corporate consulting to being a founder, profitability, continuous learning and budgeting for product with service revenues. Brad started InspiringApps in 2007, the same time the iPhone was introduced. He and his team quickly moved InspiringApps from desktop to mobile apps.

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March 26, 2014| by Brent Weaver| Interviews|Clients|

Stirling Olson, founder and President of Foraker Labs in Boulder, Colorado, sits down with me to discuss getting new clients, discovery workshop, growth ceilings, having a vision, and battling with the product vs service dilemma. Stirling started Foraker Labs in New York on December 1st, 1999 with his previous employer as his first client. Foraker Labs moved out to Boulder, CO in 2004 where the company grew to 20 specializing in Ruby on Rails.

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Anthony Navarre, a full-stack Rails developer at Thoughtbot's Denver, Colorado location, sits down with me to discuss his transition from acting to developing, large and small clients, and giving back to the community. Anthony Navarre started using html after his first indie film experience and quickly learned that html by itself wasn't going to be enough.

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