November 17, 2014| by Brent Weaver| CMS|

Most of my $10K students have a preferred CMS platform. The most popular by far is WordPress. Clients even demand it sometimes. Here are 3 data points showing how WordPress is dominant: CMS searches in Google, plugin marketplace size, and number of sites running a CMS. If you are a web designer or developer who wants to sell WordPress projects to clients for higher prices, then click here to discover the 3 Secrets to Selling WordPress.

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October 30, 2014| by Brent Weaver| Sales|Clients|

Clients believe they need websites. And you probably believe you need to build them. But I have a dirty little secret: “No one needs a website.” When I learned this secret… it changed the game. I went from selling $2-3,000 projects to $20-30,000 projects. Almost identical work. But my mindset shifted. I learned a basic truth: “Clients need more customers.” (Or donors, fans, volunteers, or advocates.

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September 27, 2014| by Brent Weaver| Clients|

Ever heard the saying, “too much of a good thing can be bad?” Well, I was just chatting with a close freelance front-end designer friend of mine and she needed some help navigating a tough situation. You see, she started freelancing for a company for her normal hourly rate. She was getting paid well and loving the work. As time went on, the company loved her work so much that they wanted more of it.

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August 06, 2014| by Brent Weaver| Sales|Marketing|

I had a problem. I opened the door to my chicken coop. I caught a glimpse of a tiny dark object scurrying in the shadows…(Yes, I have 3 chickens in my backyard—explaining this will be left to another post.)For a second, I thought it must be my imagination. You know, like the protagonist in a movie that is being followed by some creature in the dark and he keeps spinning around to find that there is nothing. That was me.

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Scott Yates is Founder of BlogMutt in Boulder, CO. I got a chance to sit down with him to discuss SEO, startups, incentive programs, and everything blogging. “There is no short cut to writing 500 blog posts" “The first 200 are a struggle..." Scott co-founded BlogMutt with Wade Green as a way to solve an SEO problem for small businesses.

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