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Adapting as Marketers

Jennifer Spivak is the CEO of The AdGirls Agency, which is an all-female Facebook Ads agency. Jennifer has helped hundreds of businesses generate millions of dollars on Facebook and Instagram, with many seeing a 1000%+ return on their ad campaigns. Her all-female team enjoys crunching data, helping women-owned businesses make tons of money, and breaking the rules when it comes to Facebook ads. Jennifer has been featured in Forbes & The New York Times, listed as a Top Facebook Ads Manager to Watch in 2019, and is an adjunct professor of digital marketing at The City College of New York.


Building Leaders

Phil Case is ​​the President of Max Connect Digital where he oversees agency growth, client relationship, strategy, and brand. Previously, he was the Managing Partner of Fluid Advertising where he grew the agency from four to 35+ full-time employees in a 6-year period.


The Value of Market Research

Matt Seltzer is the owner of S2 Research, which is a market research and strategy partner for ad agencies and marketing teams. Matt spent four years as the Senior Research Analyst for the What Happens in Vegas campaign.


E243: Relationships & Lead Generation – With Lindsay Shearer

Lindsay Shearer runs a large Pinterest ads/SEO/traffic generation community and is the CEO of two digital marketing agencies called Pins 4 Profit and BrandRanx Media. She is a private equity investor in e-com brands, a software developer, a frequent speaker, and a host of masterminds all around the world.


E242: Setting Boundaries with Clients & Staff – With Emily Cohen

Emily Cohen is a brutally honest consultant who has worked with many leading design firms across the country. She speaks on stages all across the world (about 12-15 times per year) to audiences of creative and agency professionals.


E241: Offshoring & Outsourcing – With Will Bagnall

Will Bagnall is the CEO and founder of SUSO Digital, a mentor on tech incubator programs in London, and a digital marketing speaker for a number of UK universities. In just five years, the SUSO Digital team has grown to 35 employees across Europe, working on over 100 active campaigns.


E240: Taking Immediate & Decisive Action – With Damien Zamora

Damien Zamora is the CEO of GoMobile Solutions, which was founded in 2010. He has started and developed several million-dollar enterprises. 


E239: Combining Marketing with Design & Marketing with Heart – With Cathy Olson

Cathy Olson has been beautifying brands and designing experiences of digital delight for over 22 years, working with multi-billion dollar brands like Costco, Best Buy, and Disney.


E238: The Future of Digital Marketing – With Geoffrey Colon

Geoffrey Colon is a compelling voice in marketing at the intersection of marketing, tech, media, and popular culture. He has been quoted in dozens of media outlets and has appeared on numerous television programs to share his expertise.


E237: Positioning your Agency for Exit – With David C. Baker

David C. Baker is an author, speaker, and advisor to entrepreneurial creatives worldwide. He has written five books, including his latest book titled The Business of Expertise.


E236: The Impact of Being a Niche Market Authority – With Scott & Craig DeFasselle

Scott & Craig DeFasselle have led more than 150 workshops teaching organizations that help people with disabilities how to find and keep more of the staff they need. After a recent workshop series, an HR Recruiter reported that she had gone from 20 open positions to only 6!


E235: Crypto, NFTs, Web3, and why you need to get involved—with Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel DiPiazza is a martial artist, bestselling author, and serial entrepreneur with success in the media, marketing, and ecommerce industries. Lately, he’s been getting into web3.0, crypto, psychology, history, science, jiu-jitsu, and psychedelics.




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