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E87: Rebuild your life with a mindset change with Erin Pheil

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Show Notes:

Erin Pheil holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Digital Media. She founded Followbright, an award-winning, nationally-ranked agency. Erin’s latest venture is MindFix, which helps high performers achieve even more—rapidly and with minimal effort. They boast a 98% success rate in helping clients break through what’s holding them back from true success. We welcome Erin back to the show.


  • What Erin does to help people that are “getting in their own way.”
  • How Erin went from a car crash and severe depression to finding the perseverance to improve her life.
  • All about liminal messaging and its “trippy” effects.
  • How you can turn your life around by changing your mindset.
  • Best advice ever received: There are no business problems. There are only people problems in businesses.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Perseverance
  • Favorite tool: Wetransfer.com
  • Book recommendations: The Harry Potter books by JK Rowling (yay!)
  • Run time: 46:09







  • “It’s just chronic, ongoing, critical self-talk.”
  • “It’s keeping people from being successful.”
  • “What makes me worthwhile is being perfect.”
  • “I just didn’t enjoy it.”
  • “It’s pretty trippy.”






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