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How To Charge $1,000 More For Your Projects

Do you have any of these problems?

  • I am wasting time on proposals that go nowhere
  • I am tired of competing on cost and driving down prices
  • I know I am not charging what I am really worth
  • I am tired of doing endless follow-up and chasing
  • I am only winning a small number of projects
  • I need to stop closing bad deals with nightmare clients

Overcome them in this training course

  • Discover the sales interaction model
  • A simple to follow step-by-step process
  • Weed out tire kickers and time wasters
  • Be more productive with your sales time
  • Get better results, time and time again
  • So simple you can mess up and still succeed

Discover How To Sell Clients The Same Project For $1,000 More

Course Outline Total course length: 5 hrs 23 min

Chapter 1: Getting Started Video length in min
The natural sales tendency and driving to the lowest price 4:03
My personal story of learning to sell 2:41
Why the Interaction Model 3:50

Getting Started

Meet the instructor and learn why the Interaction Model works best when selling projects over $10,000.

Chapter 2: Introduction Video length in min
What is the Interaction Model 1:49
Introduction to the sequence 2:20
Relationships = Interactions Over Time 4:51


The interaction model step-by-step process is explained. Explore the psychological keys behind the interaction model’s sales strategy.

Chapter 3: Cold CallingVideo length in min
Unlearn what you know about cold calling 3:50
Schedule your second interaction 4:53
Handling different types of cold calls 1:03
When a lead contacts you by phone or email 4:31
When you are calling or emailing a lead 3:40

Cold Calling

Unlearn everything you know about this high-stress topic. In this module you'll learn how to handle that first call with a new client.

Chapter 4: Qualification Video length in min
Scheduled interactions should... 9:20
Qualifying your prospect 5:28
Developing qualification criteria 12:22
Scoring your Ideal Customer 5:22
Sample agenda and meeting flow 9:05


Instead of chasing every new opportunity, learn how to turn the tables and start sizing up potential clients against your ideal customer profile.

Chapter 5: DiscoveryVideo length in min
Discovery Intro
The most important aspect of selling 8:46
Learn how to find problems 4:17
Outline of each major discovery step 6:08
Discovery 1
Prospect’s business, buying process, & stated needs 7:36
Meeting flow and agenda 3:51
Discovery 2
Get to know your prospect’s customer7:51
Helping your prospect create a customer avatar 6:21
Meeting flow and agenda 2:27
Discovery 3
Getting to know your prospect’s market & competition10:30
Meeting flow and agenda 2:34
Discovery 4
Getting to know available strategies and tactics 8:20
Introduction to the traffic and conversion paradigm4:27
Meeting flow and agenda 3:18
Discovery N
Further discovery 8:13
Sample meeting flow and agenda 1:38


Move beyond the customer's stated needs and start digging into their business to find the real problems that make hiring you an urgent priority.

Chapter 6: SolutionsVideo length in min
First Time you Start Selling 2:57
Proposing a solution for the greatest pain 9:51
Slide deck, demo, and sample case studies 8:33
Sample agenda and meeting flow 2:15


Learn how to build huge value and demand for your services by speaking directly to the customer's greatest problems.

Chapter 7: ProposalsVideo length in min
Proposals Don't Sell You Do 10:28
Present a specific scope of work, budget, and timeline 1:29
How to present a proposal 3:10
Sample agenda and meeting flow 6:25


Learn why proposals are less important than everyone thinks, and how you can successfully use a proposal to win more projects.

Chapter 8: Work PlanVideo length in min
How to kick off a project from a sale 4:39
Lead the way through the buying process 9:42
Sample agenda and meeting flow 8:58

Work Plan

Learn how to kick off a project from a sale and lead your customers through the buying process.

Chapter 9: CloseVideo length in min
Overview of the process 8:43
Allow space for the client to decide 5:20
2 primary lessons learned 2:26
Possible situations that might come up 9:55


Find out how the interaction model removes any need for sleazy closing techniques when it comes time for your prospect to sign on the dotted line.

Bonus: Proposal Template ReviewVideo length in min
Introduction 1:21
Cover Page 2:20
Scope - Website 35:36
Scope - Ongoing Services6:10
Project Investment 7:11
Additional Information1:44
Technology 3:33
Project Agreement 5:08

Course Resources

PDF Each of the 51 lecture videos comes with a PDF outline.
MP3 If you prefer listening offline, download the MP3 audio version of each lecture.
MP4 Each lecture is downloadable as a mp4 video file.
PDF Website Proposal

What's included in the course?

Over 5 hours of online sales training in HD video

You can get started using the online learning platform immediately after purchase. The 51 lectures are brief to help you learn and retain more. The course is not timed, so you can comfortably learn at your own pace. You will never lose access to the course.

Learn on any of your mobile devices

Access the learning environment from your tablet and smartphone. Expect a quality experience regardless of where you choose to learn.

Download all the courseware

Lecture videos are downloadable and come with PDF outlines. Or if you prefer listening, download the MP3 audio version of each lecture.

Ask your follow up questions

Each lecture has a discussion board that you are encouraged to post on. The instructor is there and ready to quickly reply.

Meet your course instructor

Brent Weaver
Brent started creating websites around 15 years of age and never stopped. Brent spent the first 12 years of his professional career growing HotPress Web into one of the most successful website agencies in Denver.

He worked with some of the top businesses and non-profits in the state creating websites and online marketing campaigns. Over the years, Brent has used his experience to help other web designers. He spends some of his time continuing to consult 1-on-1 with web entrepreneurs in the early to mid stage of their journey.

In November of 2012, he founded this site, uGurus.com to realize his vision where his primary focus is content development, expanding our contributor network, and finding partners to do joint ventures.

700+ web professionals have already taken the course...

Life changing information right here. This could make the difference between fail and success. I highly recommend taking a deep look into this course. Now I know where I'm headed and more importantly, now i know there is hope for my business to grow the way I always want it.

Cristian Andrés Araya Jiménez

This course changed the way in which I do business. I've had great feedback from clients regarding my new proposals and my methodology and processes. All thanks to the Web Design Sales Kit. I'm actually a leading sales rep in my networking team - due to the course!

Stephanie Campanella

WDSK has been a great asset to my business. In the last 3 weeks I've doubled my revenue as a result. Hands-down Web Design Sales Kit has provided the greatest ROI of any informational product I've purchased in the last....8 years. Yep.

Daun Jacobsen

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